RealVNC working with Google on remote access for Chrome

RealVNC has recently announced that it is working with Google to provide remote access technology and expertise.

With an initial focus on Google’s Chrome products, the technology helps provide remote access to pre-existing desktop applications.

“Google’s browser-based initiatives are exciting developments. To be collaborating with them on technology and expertise is tremendous recognition of our engineering pedigree and capabilities,” said Dr Andy Harter, CEO of RealVNC.

“Our technology has widespread application because it is highly adaptable and portable.”

“With more than 120 million users around the world, Chrome’s focus on speed, simplicity and security has made it an exciting platform for innovation,” said Chee Chew, Engineering Director at Google.

This work demonstrates the scope of RealVNC’s solution as well as the increasing role its technology has to play both today and in the future.

Note: Whilst this announcement is not directly linked to in-car infotainment, this partnership between Google and RealVNC may extend to other devices in the future. For example, Android phones for screen duplication in the car.

Source: RealVNC.

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