EXCLUSIVE: Mercedes Benz COMAND Online details and screenshots

Mercedes Benz has released details about its COMAND Online internet platform. This system was launched last month on the new C-Class and today Mercedes has revealed the new SLK, which also gets COMAND Online.

Some of the main features are summarised below:

On the C-Class, COMAND Online is available as an option for €3070. Highlights include 3D maps, 10GB music storage, audio & DVD player, SD card reader and LINGUATRONIC voice recognition.

In addition, for the first time, Mercedes has introduced internet connectivity. To go online, users need a compatible Bluetooth mobile phone with a data plan. Some of the main online features are the following –

Internet Browser:

When the car is stationary, users can browse the internet using the onboard browser. Users can type in wesbite addresses, perform Google searches etc. Websites are arranged in a carousel for easy access.


Navi-related features include Google Local Search and Route planning on PC and download to car. There is also a ‘Popular searches’ option with travel-related search items such as fuel stations and restaurants.

Weather information:

Users can see weather info by day or a 5-day forecast and also on a ‘Weather Map’.

Source: Mercedes Benz.

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