Video: ROUTE 66 app with ‘Follow Me’ augmented reality navigation

ROUTE 66 has announced the launch of ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation, a new app for Android leveraging TomTom’s highly accurate maps and enhanced location content.

In addition to a full range of premium navigation features, ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation now has Follow Me. Follow Me shows video of the street in front using the camera of the phone or tablet and adds a virtual 3D car driving in front. Indicator lights flash to tell where to turn left or right.

See video below:

ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation is available soon via Android Market. ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation offers lifetime free access to maps. Turn-by-turn navigation is a premium feature, which can be purchased via the in-app store. Navigation licenses are available for 30 days, one year and lifetime.

Source: TomTom.

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