Coulomb’s smartphone app shows EV charging station status

Coulomb Technologies has announced new features for its ChargePoint smart phone apps for the Blackberry and iPhone.

Now available for free in the iPhone and Blackberry app stores, the ChargePoint App is the only app available that gives electric vehicle (EV) drivers real-time charging station status.

The new version allows drivers to search and filter for charging stations by status: available, in use, voltage level, and paid or free stations.

The smart phone apps provide an easy and mobile way to access the world’s largest EV charging network service with features that allow an EV driver to find stations near any specified address, get turn-by-turn directions, and even start and stop a charging session directly from their smart phone.

In February 2010, Coulomb released the first generation of its iPhone App and to date has seen tens of thousands of downloads.

Users can receive charging session information including: real-time charging status notifications, energy used, greenhouse gas savings and time usage.

The ChargePoint App is also now available for ChargePoint Network service in Australia.

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