Ericsson acquires Telenor Connexion’s M2M Platform

After having pioneered the M2M market in automotive, security and smart metering industries, Telenor Connexion developed an advanced M2M dedicated platform in 2009. This platform and managed M2M solutions were subsequently chosen by quality focused companies such as Omron, Nissan, TomTom, and Qualcomm for their embedded connectivity solutions.

Telenor Connexion has now taken the next step – a strategic deal with Ericsson where Ericsson acquires the advanced M2M platform in order to allow for larger economies of scale.

Under the agreement with Ericsson Telenor Connexion will be able to offer the industry’s highest level of reliable and flexible M2M connectivity services from the newly acquired Ericsson platform. Telenor Connexion also becomes the first customer to Ericsson on its Device Connection Platform.

Source: Telenor Connexion.

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