Confusion continues – MeeGo to be replaced with Tizen

It is a well known fact that the history of MeeGo is not one that is straightforward to comprehend. It gets even more confusing in the automotive space with GENIVI choosing MeeGo for In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI).

Anyway, here is a brief timeline of what has happened so far:

1) Intel and Nokia get together to create MeeGo (Link)

2) MeeGo promoted as ‘the OS’ for a range of devices from smartphones to car infotainment systems (but not many devices launched in the CE world)

3) The GENIVI Alliance chooses MeeGo for IVI (Link)

4) Nokia dumps MeeGo and jumps to Windows OS (Link)

5) Intel steps up to the mark and says it is fully committed to MeeGo (Link)

6) GENIVI makes MeeGo ‘officially compliant’ for IVI (Link)

HOWEVER, that is not the end to the story – it continues, now with a twist – enter Samsung and HTML 5.

Intel is now working with Samsung (and possibly other players) to create a new Linux OS called TIZEN. In the official MeeGo blog, Intel has said that HTML 5 is becoming increasingly important and that MeeGo is not good enough as it is to have a strong HTML 5 integration. So, it is creating a new OS, TIZEN, with good HTML 5 capabilities.

Intel basically sees TIZEN as the next step of MeeGo. Imad Sousou, Director, Intel Open Source Technology Center has said “Over the next couple of months, we will be working very hard to make sure that users of MeeGo can easily transition to Tizen, and I will be working even harder to make sure that developers of MeeGo can also transition to Tizen. I want to personally thank everyone who has participated in MeeGo over the past year and a half, and I encourage you to join us at”

So what does this mean for the auto industry? Will OEMs already working with MeeGo continue to do so and launch something that is already obsolete? Will GENIVI make TIZEN or perhaps another OS compliant for IVI use? Or will OEMs get fed up of GENIVI and simply do their own separate things?

Guess only time will tell…

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UPDATE: Thank you to one of our readers for pointing out that the above article seems to create a strong link between GENIVI and MeeGo. It should be pointed out that other IVI distributions from vendors such as MontaVista, Mentor, Canonical are also GENIVI compliant.

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