Valeo shows WiFi rear camera linked to phone app at Delhi Motor Show

Valeo will exhibit for the first time at the Auto Expo trade show being held in Delhi on Jan. 7-11, 2012.  The company will be displaying its innovative CO2 reduction and driving assistance innovations at its stand in Hall 15 B.

Valeo innovations being presented at Auto Expo include ReStart, Integrated Speaker Control Unit for parking assistance, Water Cooled Charged Air Cooler and LED exterior lighting designs.

In addition, the company’s Wi-Fi Rear Camera will be publicly shown for the first time.

ReStart – This reinforced starter is a component of the Valeo Stop/Start system, which allows the vehicle to immediately and silently start up.

Integrated Speaker Control Unit for parking assistance – An innovative parking assistance solution particularly adapted to Indian market needs.  A loud speaker connected to the ultrasonic sensor is integrated into the control unit, making this solution a compact and cost effective system, which can be easily installed into any vehicle.

Water Cooled Charge Air Cooled – This is a compact brazed-aluminum heat exchanger that is cooled by water, which promotes improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.  The system is applicable for charged, diesel or gasoline engines.

LED Exterior Lighting – LEDs are the most efficient light sources for front exterior illumination – offering twice the brightness of Xenon and are 5 times better than Halogen.  They offer distinctive style opportunities and day-like super-white light for safer, more comfortable night driving.

Wi-Fi Rear Camera – This is a vision camera using Wi-Fi technology that can link a rear vision camera directly to a Smartphone, enabling the Smartphone to become a back-up display screen.

Source: Valeo.

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