Delphi developing non-contact wireless in-vehicle device charging

Delphi Automotive has displayed its Wireless Device Charging System at the Consumer Electronics Show. Currently under development, the system transmits power over distance to deliver a charge without precise positioning of the electronic device receiving the charge. It would eliminate the clutter, inconvenience and distractions associated with multiple charging cords in the vehicle cabin and replace them with a safe, convenient and efficient automatic charging system.

Revolutionary Design

Delphi is testing the system on research vehicles and intends to be production-ready by model year 2014. The Delphi Wireless Device Charging System makes use of the same magnetic resonance technology as the Delphi Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging System.

Magnetic resonance technology is superior to traditional inductive charging because it can transmit power over greater distances, does not require precise device positioning in order to deliver a charge and will be able to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The consumer devices simply need to be in proximity to the power source, not directly touching it. Traditional inductive charging systems are limited to charging only one device per charging coil and the device must be resting on top of the pad to receive a charge.

Safe & Convenient

Freeing drivers from charging cords is not only convenient, it will help create a safer driving experience. The Delphi Wireless Device Charging System is being engineered with consumers and automakers in mind, and will provide a competitive advantage to OEMs who choose to offer it as an option on their future vehicles.

Delphi has a full portfolio of plug-in and wireless charging systems for electric vehicles as well a complete line of data connectivity products including cables, connectors and consumer ports to allow communication of audio, video and navigation data within the vehicle.

Source: Delphi.

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