EU: Opel adds radar-based ACC and collision warning system to Insignia

Opel has continued to enhance and refine its highly successful flagship, the Insignia. In addition to equipping the Insignia with a new, fuel-efficient 2.0L BiTurbo diesel, Opel will be offering a new radar system located behind the front grill for enhanced active safety.

Insignia customers can now opt for the radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). The new system maintains the selected speed during cruising, yet automatically adjusts the vehicle speed according to traffic conditions to secure a pre-set safety distance with vehicles ahead.

Further functionalities are available in conjunction with the radar system:

The Following Distance Indication (FDI) informs the driver visually about the distance to the car ahead.

The Forward Collision Alert (FCA) provides a visual and an audible signal to warn the driver of an imminent collision with the car ahead.

And the Collision Imminent Braking (CIB) automatically decelerates the vehicle if the risk of a collision is detected.

Source: General Motors.

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