US: BMW launches remote control app to unlock doors, sound horn etc

BMW has announced that the My BMW Remote app is now available for Apple iOS devices in the US (already available in Europe and BMW is working on an Android version).  This app allows many BMW customers to access remote features for their vehicle by using their mobile device and the power of BMW Assist.

These features include remotely locking and unlocking of doors, getting the location of their parked vehicle, and sending Google Local Search results to their vehicle.  Additionally, some customers will even be able to send a command to sound the horn or flash the headlights of their BMW.

Customers who have an active BMW Assist Safety Plan, a compatible vehicle, and an Apple device running iOS 4.0 or later will be able to download the app to their device starting today via the Apple iTunes store. No changes are required to their BMW. My BMW Remote operates on the customer’s mobile device, sending remote commands to their BMW.

My BMW Remote includes the following functions in detail:

Vehicle Position – If the vehicle’s ignition is off, and it is located within 0.6 miles (1km) of the mobile device, the current vehicle location can be displayed on a map in the mobile device.

Google Local Search – Search for local businesses, restaurants, and more on the mobile device and send the details to the vehicle.

Remote Locking & Unlocking – Customers can remotely lock or unlock their vehicles, providing peace of mind if they are unsure whether they locked the vehicle in the parking lot or if they have accidently locked keys in the vehicle.

Remote Horn – send a remote command to sound the horn of your BMW to help locate the vehicle.

Remote Headlights – remote control of configurable exterior light functions to help locate the vehicle.

The remote features available to the customer will depend on which BMW model they have.

Learn more here.

Source: BMW.

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