Harman develops “context-aware” infotainment for Rinspeed Concept

Rinspeed will present its innovative “Dock+Go” mobility system concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. Rinspeed will show off a rolling “sound pack” that Harman has filled with the latest high-end sound solutions in order to guarantee a first class acoustical experience.

Harman has delivered a personalized interface between the driver, the car, and the connected and digital world around it. It has created a new “context-aware” infotainment system concept that creates a virtual personalized dashboard for the driver.

The system combines advanced smartphone integration technologies, cloud-based Aha platform, learning navigation, and flexible human-machine interface (HMI) design including gesture recognition, to deliver media-rich digital content into the car in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner, without compromising safety.

The car’s infotainment system connects with the driver’s smartphone and uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to recognize his saved preferences such as: seat positions, favorite music and settings for the Harman HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis system, the preferred HMI visualizations, emails, contacts and calendar entries as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts via the Aha platform.

The navigation system “learns” by monitoring the driver, his operation characteristics, his preferred routes and his interactions with the system. It also detects driver alertness monitoring the driver’s steering wheel movements, voice timbre, and braking and accelerating behavior, to intelligently propose less risky routes or suggest stopping for a rest.

The situational HMI combines location, telemetry, and personalized user data to offer the driver with optimal route-relevant information. A range management system works hand-in-hand with the navigation system and location-based services to optimize the distance and route taken by the vehicle.

Harman’s feature-rich infotainment concept is also designed to ensure that safety remains a top priority. It incorporates a number of HMI options, including gesture control and voice control, allowing drivers to access specific services such as read-aloud function for emails or – via Aha – social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

The integrated office solution allows standard documents and emails to be viewed and managed. Harman’s Aha platform delivers access to multimedia content including audio books, radio, music services, podcasts, location based services, and more, supplied by an extensive roster of partners. Drivers can choose from an array of themes and filter content to match their preferences to create their own presets.

Source: Rinspeed.

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