Audi A3 gets ‘upgradeable’ infotainment platform, Audi phone box

The modular infotainment platform makes its debut in the new A3 – it represents a big step in the direction of future mobile communication electronics. Its layout enables, for the first time, hardware updates with little effort, so that it always reflects the latest developments.

The central computer of the new MMI integrates what is known as the MMX board (MMX: Multi-Media eXtension). This plug-in module includes the fast T 20 graphic processor of the Tegra 2 series from Nvidia. It is used for all voice control, online, media, navigation and telephone functions.

When the system is started, the monitor of the MMI operating system is electrically deployed from the instrument panel. Depending on the version, its screen has either a 5.8-inch or 7-inch diagonal. It has an elegant and high-end look with a high-gloss black housing made of ultra-lightweight magnesium, which is only eleven millimeters (0.43 inches) thick.

Audi is also presenting important new features in the user terminal on the console of the center tunnel. The rocker switches with fixed assignments – hard keys – have been rearranged, and in the top version MMI navigation plus, the large rotary pushbutton is a touchwheel with MMI touch, a technology from Audi luxury cars. Its touch-sensitive surface lets drivers input letters and numbers by finger on top of the touchwheel.

The Audi radio is standard aboard the new Audi A3. The next level up, the MMI radio, adds a user terminal and electrically deployable 5.8-inch monitor. It may be supplemented by the connectivity package which contains the Audi music interface for integrating a mobile player, a Bluetooth interface and navigation preparation.

If the A3 customer wishes to purchase an SD card with navigation data at a later time, or if the navigation package is selected with the car, the MMI radio becomes a navigation system.

MMI navigation plus with MMI touch is available as the top version – it is a media center with 60 GB memory capacity, DVD drive and whole-word voice control. The high-resolution 7-inch monitor shows map images in detailed 3D graphics.

It interfaces the MMI navigation plus to cell phones and mobile player devices via the integrated Bluetooth interface.

Attractive components round out the infotainment line-up.

They include a module for digital radio reception and the Audi phone box that conveniently couples a cell phone to the vehicle antenna.

An alternative to the Audi sound system is the optional Bang & Olufsen Sound System; its 705W amplifier drives 12 channels and 14 loudspeakers with 5.1 Sound. The edges of the woofers in the doors are illuminated by LED light conductors.

Source: Audi AG.

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