EU: Harman’s Aha begins rolling out cloud-based infotainment service

Aha by HARMAN has announced that it will begin rolling out service in Western Europe by the end of the month. INRIX and TripAdvisor have reached agreements with Aha to deliver European content to the Aha platform further expanding the vast array of content available through Aha. Both services will be accessible through Aha in Europe later this year.

Aha is powering the Web-connected “fourth band” of radio, alongside terrestrial (AM/FM) and satellite radio. Aha users can choose from tens of thousands of audio stations, including web content like Internet radio, on-demand music, live news, podcasts, audio books, personalized traffic reports, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, restaurant information and much more.

Aha delivers a unique infotainment experience by letting users prioritize the stations they want, and customize audio stations like “Hungry”, “Coffee” and “Traffic” to suit their tastes. When Aha is connected to a compatible in-car entertainment system, the users’ top stations become radio preset buttons, so drivers can put down the phones and safely switch between stations just like traditional radio. When they arrive at their destination and exit the car, users can continue enjoying their content from the smart phone. The first new cars with Aha integrations will begin shipping this fall, and after market stereos with Aha integrated are available today.


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