Kia showcases infotainment concept with app store

First shown to the public on Kia’s stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2012, the IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) and UCD (user-centred driving) concepts are displayed in separate vehicle cockpit ‘pods’.

In-vehicle infotainment (IVI)

Kia’s IVI concept is designed to be a hub of information and entertainment.  It is capable of delivering satellite navigation, entertainment playback, wireless charging for smartphones or tablet PCs and networked computer functions – all from a single unit.

The concept features five main menu items – navigation, media, music streaming, smart device interlock and app store – operated through a combination of a 10.6-inch multi-touch screen located in the centre console, steering wheel controls and in-car voice recognition software.

A second 11.1-inch screen on top of the dashboard displays directions from the innovative Augmented Reality Navigation (ARN) system, plus driver-customized widgets (providing weather, news and financial market updates) and information regarding the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

The ARN system is delivered by cameras on the exterior of the vehicle, working in conjunction with apps and the voice recognition system.  In addition to clear and concise turn-by-turn directions, ARN also overlays information such as points of interest (POIs),  traffic information and traffic light recognition onto a virtual street-view map displayed on the auxiliary screen.

Smart device interlock allows users to link their smartphone or tablet PC to the IVI via a specially-designed app.  Once linked, the user will be able to download and store information about their car, where it is parked, send and receive route instructions, access internet radio services and browse the media in the car via their smart device.  IVI also offers revolutionary wireless charging for smartphones or tablet PCs.  This maximizes the battery life of the device and removes the need for wires.

Once the device is docked to the car, many of its features and apps become available through the IVI system which is capable of playing a multitude of formats, including plug-in MP3 and CD music players.  Users will also be able to transfer music, contacts and directions between their smartphone or tablet PC, and their car.

Accessible via an icon on the main menu of the IVI, the App Store capability will allow users to download a variety of applications, from weather and news services to navigation.

User-centred driving (UCD)

The UCD concept represents a new start to the relationship between the vehicle and its occupants, and signifies the next step in driver / passenger safety and pleasurable driving.

Developed by a special technical team over four months, Kia has invested nearly $500,000 in the UCD project, with the aim of combining all of its latest technological developments into a single concept.

Source: Kia.

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