Bosch supplies Drowsiness Detection System for VW Passat Alltrack

Bosch’s Driver Drowsiness Detection system will be offered as a standard feature on Volkswagen’s Passat alltrack

Bosch developed Driver drowsiness detection feature in 2010 to detect increasing driver fatigue and advise drivers to take a break in time. The level of fatigue is determined based on information from the steering-angle sensor or the electric power steering.

Monotonous driving, e.g. on expressways, is exhausting and quickly leads to loss of concentration. Based on steering-angle data, the function Driver Drowsiness Detection continuously analyzes the steering behaviour of the driver to identify phases during which the driver does not steer for a brief period and then makes an abrupt correction – often a sign of failing concentration and arising tiredness.

The function combines the frequency and strength of these reactions with other data such as vehicle speed, time of day and use of other indicators to calculate a tiredness index. If this index exceeds a specific value, a visual and/or audible signal can warn the driver of becoming tired reminding her/him of the danger of nodding off at the wheel.

As well as warning the driver, data concerning the tiredness of the driver can be used by other systems in the vehicle. In combination with a navigation system, for example, it is possible to display the next available opportunity to stop or take a rest break.

Source: Bosch.

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