Garmin announces global OE in-dash navigation contract with Suzuki

Garmin has announced that it will provide a fully integrated, factory-installed infotainment system for most American 2013 model year Suzuki vehicles.

Garmin’s infotainment system combines a 6.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen display with a full-featured infotainment platform, including AM/FM/CD radio, multi-media playback, backup camera support, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, Pandora internet radio and Garmin navigation.

Feature highlights:

Pandora (via a connected smartphone): Allows users to easily browse and select their personalized radio stations, skip a track or give a song a thumbs-up or down.

Navigation: The system integrates Garmin’s navigation and has access to vehicle speed sensors to provide precise location information even when a GPS signal is not available, for example in tunnels. When switching to other menus, such as the music player, navigation directions will continue and visual cues will be displayed at the top of the screen. Map updates can easily be downloaded to a SD card from a Garmin Web portal.

Full voice control: Users can control the system with voice commands for all the integrated functions, such as navigation, radio, CD player and Pandora.

Connected services: Real-time information, such as traffic, dynamic parking, weather and fuel prices, will be available through Garmin Smartphone Link. This app can easily link an Android phone to the Suzuki infotainment system via Bluetooth. It utilizes the existing data connection of a smartphone to bring live services to the vehicle, so users don’t have to pay for an extra data plan.

Backup camera support: When backing up, the system automatically displays the backup camera on the screen, so drivers get a better view of what’s behind the vehicle.

The hardware of the Suzuki infotainment system is designed and built by Garmin and will be available for selected Suzuki vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, North America and Russia.

Source: Garmin.

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