Mitsubishi Motors NA to use HD Radio for audio and traffic

iBiquity, the US developer of digital HD Radio Technology for AM and FM audio and data broadcasting, has announced that Mitsubishi Motors North America is the first automaker to announce integrated audio entertainment and real-time traffic services using HD Radio Technology.

The 2014 Outlander will be the first Mitsubishi vehicle to receive both real-time traffic information integrated into its navigation system as well as the upgraded audio and expanded content and features of digital AM and FM broadcasts all delivered with HD Radio Technology.

HD Radio Technology is subscription free broadcast radio. HD Radio Technology is the digital evolution of AM and FM radio and delivers significant benefits for drivers:

  • crystal-clear sound quality;
  • additional digital only local FM channels known as HD2/HD3 Channels;
  • PSD – Program Service Data, which displays song title and artist name on the radio screen;
  • iTunes Tagging allows listeners to store song information with the touch of a button for later purchase and download through iTunes;
  • Artist Experience which enables images that match the audio content to be displayed on the radio screen;
  • free lifetime traffic and data information sent directly to a vehicles radio or navigation system.

Two service providers already have active nationwide networks set-up to broadcast their real-time traffic and data information using the HD Radio system. Nokia has partnered with a group of radio station companies called the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium (BTC) and Clear Channel uses its own radio stations to support their Total Traffic Network.

iBiquity claims that 29 automakers have now publicly announced plans to incorporate HD Radio Technology in 150+ models by year-end with more than 70 models featuring HD Radio receivers as standard equipment.

Source: iBiquity

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