US: Audi demos urban navigation and driver support concepts

Audi demonstrated its Urban Intelligent Assist (AUIA) research at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It showed the advancements in predictive technology made by AUIA, harnessing the power of Big Data through algorithms, real time data, Human Machine Interface (HMI), advanced sensors, and lidar/radar detectors.

AUIA is a project launched by AUDI AG and the Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) in Silicon Valley, California. The three-year research initiative taps the expertise of three leading California engineering research universities: the University of Southern California, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at San Diego.

Audi showed two areas of AUIA research ~ navigation and driver assistance.

Audi Driver Centric Urban Navigation

• Time-2-Start

– Using a mobile application, Time-2-Start will notify drivers via their mobile devices of how long it will take them to reach their destination before they embark on their journey.

• Smart Parking
– Smart Parking helps to identity the parking habits of the driver. Based on the preferences of the driver, the system searches for a parking spot in the destination area and automatically provides navigation.

• Predictive Traffic
– Predictive Traffic is able to predict and analyze the current traffic pattern based on actual traffic data, historical traffic data, weather data and events.

• Predictive Destination
– Predictive Destination is able to predict the destination a motorist is most likely to pick based on their driving history, appointments, key calendar dates and other data affecting their life schedules.

• Naturalistic Guidance
– Naturalist Guidance uses surrounding landmarks to provide detailed instructions for easy navigation (e.g. “Please turn left by the gas station”).

• Seamless Navigation
– Seamless Navigation provides walking guidance to the driver from his/her “Smart Parking“ spot directly to his/her destination.

Audi Urban Assistance

• Merge Assist
– Merge Assist supports the driver while merging on the highway utilizing components of speed calculation, speed displayed in the instrument cluster and green LEDs on the side mirrors that notify the driver that it is safe to merge.

• Lane Change Assist
– Lane Change Assist system monitors the blind spot areas, as well as fast-approaching vehicles and hazardous objects, to aid the driver in changing lanes on the highway. The system signals the driver when it is safe to change lanes via green LED lights on the side mirrors.

• Attention Guard
– Attention Guard helps with the early detection of driver distraction with the introduction of countermeasures that get the attention of the driver and bring the focus back on the road.

Source: Audi

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