Agero offers new cloud-based telematics delivery platform

Agero Connected Services has announced the launch of AgeroView, a cloud delivered dynamic infotainment display system aimed at the global market.

AgeroView gives automakers the ability to update apps, push content and deliver both data and services on demand over the lifetime of the vehicle, keeping in sync with changing driver, brand and manufacturer needs.

Through AgeroView, dealer service support can be delivered instantly, content and service updates downloaded invisibly and functions such as real-time, location-based advertising and user profile management integrated seamlessly with the driving and passenger experience.

AgeroView allows owners to customize the user experience with just the touch of a button or a voice command. The same capability allows drivers to personalize the dashboard display screen, such as brandishing the logos and colors of their favorite sports teams, or creating audio cues that replicate the ringtones on their mobile phone. Each driver in a household can have an entirely customized in-car and multi-modal experience, with their choice of HMI, applications, services and features customized to their tastes.

Source: Agero

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