Australia: SUNA Traffic Channel reaches one million users

InTelematics Australia’s SUNA Traffic Channel will mark five years this month since the service was launched in Australia, and it has recently reached one million licence sales.

Since SUNA began broadcasting comprehensive traffic information in Melbourne in December 2007, the service has expanded to cover more than 95 per cent of the Australian main metropolitan population as well as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand.

In addition to the more than one million licence sales through personal navigation devices and in-car satellite navigation systems, SUNA Traffic Channel reaches millions of people via its inclusion in Google maps, iPhone and Android smartphone navigation Apps, and the Samsung Galaxy.

InTelematics says the way consumers choose to access traffic information will continue to evolve in 2013 as automotive companies introduce next generation telematics offerings into the Australian market. This will enable consumers to not only access real-time traffic services through their in-car dashboard, but also other consumer oriented infotainment services including dynamic content, music streaming and social media integration as well as a range of safety and security features

SBD Comment ~ InTelematics’ SUNA traffic information service is not alone in the Australian market. There are now four rival services aimed at the automotive industry operating in Australia, according to the upcoming SBD Global benchmark of real-time traffic information services. The updated Traffic Guide scheduled for release later this month now describes 237 services in 64 countries worldwide. Please click here for more information, or email us at

Source: SUNA

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