CES: Audi gains licence to operate autonomous cars in Nevada

Audi has announced at the CES that the State of Nevada has issued it with a licence allowing the testing of autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads. This makes Audi the first vehicle manufacturer to obtain this special permit. The first licences went to Google and Continental.

The Audi autonomous vehicles will have to display the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) red licence plate which has an inifinity symbol denoting driverles technology.

Audi says it defines autonomous driving capabilities in terms of piloted parking and piloted driving. The term “piloted” is used advisedly, as Audi envisions motorists enjoying the convenience of allowing the car to handle mundane stop-and-go driving conditions, for example, while still being able to take control of the car when needed. In this way, the technology is similar to auto-pilot systems found on jetliners. Likewise, autonomous, or piloted parking, would let future Audi models park safely without a driver at the wheel in in tight parking spaces.

Audi will provide updates on strategies involving its Audi piloted driving and piloted parking technologies at the Audi booth during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show Jan. 8-11, 2013.

SBD Comment ~ Nevada is promoting itself as a destination for testing autonomous technology on its public roads. In the US, legislation controlling the use of the driverless cars has also now been enacted in Arizona, California, DC, Florida, Michigan and Nevada, according to SBD’s recently updated Safe Car Guide Government and Market Watch. Click here for more information, or email us at enquiries@sbd.co.uk.

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Source: Audi

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