Jaguar Land Rover builds software over the air concept

Xchanging, the business process, procurement and technology services provider and integrator, has announced that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has been collaborating with Xchanging and Arynga to create a proof of concept that allows remote software and firmware updates to be sent to vehicles over standard network protocols. This solution was revealed at the GENIVI All Member Conference in Barcelona.

The proof of concept has been created on openly available hardware with an Intel CPU, using the Tizen open source Linux distribution as a software platform with latest HTML5 graphical user interface. Tizen was chosen as a GENIVI compliant reference.

A key component of the solution will be CarSync Arynga’s Software over the Air (SOTA) product along with Xchanging’s Vehicle Management Systems cloud-based applications and interfaces.

Source: Xchanging

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