Garmin K2 infotainment solution uses QNX technology

Garmin has selected the QNX CAR platform to power the Garmin K2, a next-generation infotainment solution for automakers. K2 will provide a complete digital cockpit for navigation, diagnostics, streaming media, smartphone integration, and voice recognition.

K2 comprises multiple digital displays, on- and off-board voice recognition, smartphone integration, and optional embedded 4G connectivity. The K2 is designed to give drivers simple, intuitive access to navigation, vehicle diagnostics, streaming media, and realtime Web information. It’s also designed with scalability in mind, so automakers can use it to address diverse market requirements and cost targets.

Other key features of the K2 include a 3D-enhanced city model, a predictive services calendar, and remote personalization and control via a web portal or smartphone.

Source: QNX

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