CHINA EXCLUSIVE: Guangzhou Motor Show telematics report

The Connected Car highlights from the Guangzhou Motor Show in China included new services and systems from OnStar, Roewe, Volvo, Subaru and Great Wall.

Shanghai OnStar

OnStar launched three groups of services at Guangzhou:

The My Vehicle Location and OnConnect services available for Shanghai OnStar’s mobile app support greater interaction between subscribers.
The Medical Assistant service ensures a faster response when medical assistance is needed.
The Voice Contact service leverages the cloud to offer voice recognition for safer driving.

My Vehicle Location & OnConnect

Describing your vehicle’s location or reading a map to find the best route is no longer difficult with OnStar mobile APP. Now OnStar subscribers can share their location or destination through WeChat, Weibo or SMS with only a finger movement and their friends will receive a detailed driving route just by clicking on the link and launching the OnStar Mobile App.

“My Vehicle Location” and “OnConnect” services are the highlight of OnStar Mobile App on the scene. Visitors can not only learn about the convenience of “remotely controlling” a car through smart phone, but also experience the human-friendly services of “My Vehicle Location” and “OnConnect” which were launched based on current social networks.

As one of OnStar’s three service platforms, the OnStar mobile App covers nearly all the daily needs of subscribers. According to the latest statistics, the number of OnStar Mobile App subscribers has reached 200,000 and the service volume per day has exceeded 38,000, making the OnStar App the most functional and the most-often used mobile App in domestic telematics.

Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant service enhances the safety and security of OnStar users and their passengers. No other telematics company provides this service. If a subscriber is involved in an accident or calls for medical assistance, a Shanghai OnStar advisor will transfer the call directly to medical personnel and arrange the dispatch of an ambulance.

According to third-party statistics, 13 percent of traffic accident deaths are the result of delayed emergency relief. If relief arrives one minute sooner than at the present time, it can reduce both the post-accident disability rate and the fatality rate by 5 percent. Providing treatment within 15 minutes of an accident can reduce fatalities by more than 80 percent.

Voice Contact

Shanghai OnStar’s Voice Contact service eliminates the need for a driver to recite a telephone number before making a call, taking the Hands-Free Calling service to a new level.

With Voice Contact, information in the phone book of a subscriber’s mobile phone can be uploaded via Shanghai OnStar’s mobile app and stored in the cloud when Hands-Free Calling is activated. This enables the search and dialing process to be carried out by pressing the white OnStar button and saying the person’s name. As a bonus, the stronger in-car signal offers a better connection than a mobile phone. This service is already available for some subscribers. It will be available for all subscribers by the middle of next year.


The new Roewe W5 SUV was launched with a third generation inkaNet 3.0 infotainment system with iVoka voice control. New features aimed at off-road driving include wilderness tracking, and data on altitude and wheel and body angle.


The new Volvo S60L was launched with the Sensus interactive multimedia information system, 7-inch colour display, DVD with MP3, AUX auxiliary audio input jack, USB & IPOD jack, Bluetooth hands-free and high-performance audio system.


The Subaru Outback was offered with a smartphone integration solution.

Great Wall

The new Great Wall Haval H8 was launched with a new telematics service.

More information on the OE telematics systems and services on offer by vehicle manufacturers in China is available through the Q4 2013 update of SBD’s Ultimate Connected Car Guide ~ China Edition.

Meet SBD’s Connected Car team members, Victor Zhang and Stephen Longden, at the Telematics@China event in Shanghai later this week. To set up a meeting, contact us on

Source: SBD

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