The next frontier for telematics? ~ connected bicycles

Bicycles are the newest sector for telematics with connected solutions emerging to offer telematics services and active safety assistance to riders. Connected Cycle systems and services have been developed by Vanhawks, Velo Labs and Qoros.

Vanhawks ~ active safety, connectivity, crowd-sourced data

The Vanhawks Valour bicycle incorporates integrated technology for advanced personal safety. Valour’s turn-by-turn navigation keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the bar. It uses low energy bluetooth to connect to your smart phone for directions. LED indicators signal as you approach your next turn.

Integrated haptic feedback in the handlebar grips alert you by vibrating of any object in your blind spot ensuring your safety so you can ride comfortably.

On-board sensors measure your calories burned, distance traveled, speed, best times, and much more. Sync your mobile device with your bike before or after the ride to track your progress. At launch, we will have an Android, iPhone and Pebble app.

Vanhawks Valour technology is designed as a mesh network that will connect the Valour community and gather real-time information on setbacks like potholes, closed roads, and blocked lanes. Simply put, more riders means smarter, safer routes.

If a Valour is stolen, the network interacts to locate the missing bike. When the stolen bike is brought near another Valour, an app-based notification is sent to the original owner.

An API will give developers access to their own riding statistics such as their Pedal by Pedal playbook, bike orientation and real time speed.

Velo Labs Skylock ~ eCall, theft alert, connectivity

Built on the familiar U-lock cyclists carry with them daily, the Skylock offers the most robust mechanical lock available with cutting edge connective technology to bring cycling into the 21st century.

Skylock is a one of a kind connected device that is based on a proprietary dual locking design making it twice as safe as a traditional U-lock.

In addition to robust mechanics, a theft alert system sends a message to your phone when someone touches your lock for an extended period. Alerts are sent via bluetooth or via Wi-Fi, the first time either communication methods are available in one device.

Using Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wi-Fi, and an accelerometer, Skylock pairs itself with a smartphone to be contextually aware. Through this connectivity Skylock can keep cyclists safer by comparing accelerometer data from a smartphone to its own and determine when a rider has been in an accident. In the event of a severe impact Skylock will send a push notification to see if the rider is ok. If they fail to acknowledge the notification within a set number of seconds, Skylock will automatically determine that the rider is seriously hurt and alert emergency responders so they can come to the rider’s aid as quickly as possible.

With the Skylock app, users can arrange to lend out their bike to anyone in their trusted network or the Skylock community while keeping track of it via the app. Within the Skylock bike community, bike owners can lend their bikes based on prices relative to demand and location.

Qoros ~ connectivity, navigation

The connected technology used in the Qoros eBIQE Concept is based on the innovative QorosQloud platform (which is standard on most Qoros cars) and adapts its functionality for application to the electric bike to ensure it delivers highly relevant features and services for the rider. With a permanent 3G connection it is operated through an advanced five-inch touchscreen mounted on the handlebars (a downsized version of the eight-inch Qoros MMHTM screen seen on all Qoros cars), or in the cloud via the user’s smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac using the dedicated website ( or app.

The cloud-connected system will be able to offer many functions, such as advanced route planning, intelligent navigation, the ability to remotely check the eBIQE Concept’s condition (tyre pressures, battery charge and range), and networking capabilities through social media, with the ability to share favourite routes and points of interest or arrange impromptu meet-ups with fellow riders.

Similar to the system already available in Qoros’ cars, thanks to its permanent 3G connection, QorosQloud will provide navigation that incorporates real-time updates for incidents, travel times, weather and charging points. And its cloud connectivity means that the system’s enhanced mapping data is especially valuable when riders head off-road. With a satellite overlay map view it could display topographical information so he or she can make better informed decisions about what direction to take. Alternatively because QorosQloud synchronises with the user’s smartphone, tablet or computer, rides can be planned ahead from inside the home or office.

The eBIQE Concept features a fingerprint recognition system, with the ability to recognise multiple users. This, in conjunction with geolocation technology, could make the eBIQE Concept highly suitable for integration into vehicle sharing schemes.

Source: SBD

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