ITF: Location data is as personal as fingerprints

The International Transport Forum has released a report on Big Data and Transport: Understanding and Assessing Options. The report warns that location data is as personal as fingerprints.

This report examines issues relating to the arrival of massive, often real-time, data sets whose exploitation and amalgamation can lead to new policy-relevant insights and operational improvements for transport services and activity. It is comprised of three parts. The first section gives an overview of the issues examined. The second broadly characterises Big Data, and describes its production, sourcing and key elements in Big Data analysis. The third section describes regulatory frameworks that govern data collection and use, and focuses on issues related to data privacy for location data.

The work for this report was carried out in the context of a project initiated and funded by the International Transport Forum’s Corporate Partnership Board (CPB). CPB projects are designed to enrich policy discussion with a business perspective. Led by the ITF, work is carried out in a collaborative fashion in working groups consisting of CPB member companies, external experts and ITF researchers.

SBD Comment~ Big Data is a hot topic within the automotive industry. SBD’s latest research indicates a realistic value of Euros 95 per vehicle per year for automotive Big Data. This forecast is based on analysis of 15 use cases including road condition and Pay As You Drive insurance. See this article for more details or contact SBD through

Source: ITF

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