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This exclusive interview with Lissa Franklin, head of market development at AppCarousel, talking about working with Jaguar Land Rover on in-car infotainment, first appeared in the new May/June edition of the free Telematics News Bulletin magazine. Details of how to subscribe to the magazine are at the bottom of this article.

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Q: Telematics News (TN): What is your role at AppCarousel? Is it correct to think of AppCarousel as a startup? Perhaps you could talk us through your typical day at AppCarousel?

As Head of Market Development based in San Francisco, I manage business development and market strategy for AppCarousel. I spendmy daystalkingwith companies about opportunities, identifying industry trends, attending conferences and managing marketing initiatives. AppCarousel, the leading cloud commerce platform for connecting automotive infotainment, data and services with the Internetof Things (IoT), is a subsidiary and business unit of the privately held company AppDirect.

Late last year, your work with Jaguar Land Rover generated lots of interest. What is the status of this project? Have there been any recent developments to the apps and content?

Cars are being shipped, the solution is live, and there are drivers in several markets now getting real value from the delivery of our connected car cloud platform. Now it’s all about continuing to grow that ecosystem. For the apps and services, we’re growing our catalog in every way. We are working with Jaguar Land Rover to expand content partnerships in Asia, with a focus on the Chinese market. We are bringing in additional media types and genres, including podcasts, streaming video, and business applications that add value to the driving experience. In addition we are building connections to IoT devices that really bridge the gaps between vehicles, homes, and mobile devices. This allows us to deliver a compelling, seamless experience for drivers, both in and out of their vehicles.

How has the acquisition by AppDirect last year impacted on AppCarousel? What are the synergies between the two companies?

With its leading cloud monetization and management platform, AppDirect provides AppCarousel customers a tremendous benefit. The combined organization offers more reach, broader solutions, and an enhanced network effect that allows any automaker or IoT provider to quickly enable cloud commerce into their businesses. This unlocks new business models for anyone offering a connected device or digital product, and allows them to scale from software management to having a flourishing revenue-generating ecosystem on one platform.

You recently joined the GENIVI Alliance. What activities are you supporting within the platform? Are you active in any of the multiple other In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) initiatives such as Automotive Grade Linux, Tizen, Autosar, DLNA, OAA, AvNU etc etc? How do you bring sanity to this confusion?

While there are obvious areas such as software management in GENIVI that we are looking to support, we’re also examining how we can provide alliance members the tools and services they need to monetize the connected car opportunity. This type of initiative isn’t in the scope of most IVI initiatives, but is a crucial part of building a successful platform. To that end, we’re working with organizations in various capacities to advance connected car commerce while remaining agnostic at the technical standards level. For example, we provide the monetizable news service for the AGL Open Stack, which itself is built on top of Tizen. The benefit we bring to contributors and adopters of all these standards is that we strengthen their business cases by unlocking revenue streams from the beginning.

Can you tell us more about your partnership with Mobica? Is this focused on automotive applications or the wider IoT?

We’re certainly looking at the wider IoT landscape together, and it’s with an understanding that applications and data are only becoming more pervasive. The market is constantly demanding more apps, services, and control, and our partnership with Mobica is about addressing those problems faster through collaboration. Mobica’s professional servicesand customsoftware solutions are totally complementary to our cloud platform, so whether it’s connected car or the rest of the IoT landscape, we are delivering full end-to-end solutions in a very competitive manner.

What are the future plans for AppCarousel? What other automotive technologies are under development?

For automotive and IoT device manufacturers, we’re going to make it easy to go from the managing of digital assets on their devices to driving new experiences and business from an ecosystem of apps, services, and data. We’re going to do this not just by providing a new suite of developer kits and services on top of our cloud monetization suite, but also by brokering relationships between service providers and distribution channels. A big part of this is engineering for the multiple standards, platforms, and initiatives in the connected automotive space.We’re excitedabout how we’reable to help bridge the connected car to other IoTdevices. The car itself is the killer app, and we’re here to help propagate it.

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