Hyundai Mobis joins Cybersecurity Consultative Group Auto-ISAC

Hyundai Mobis, South Korea’s largest automotive parts supplier, announced on Feb. 16 that it has become a regular member of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC).

Founded by 15 global automakers in July 2015, the Auto-ISAC is a private consultative group that collaborates on cybersecurity by sharing information in real time at the moment when there is a growing threat to car hacking which allows hackers to open a vehicle’s door and start an engine by duplicating a smart key. Global leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, including Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, are joining the group one after another. When a company becomes a regular member of the group, it can attend a regular meeting which takes place four times a year and get information about cybersecurity and related technologies.

The Auto-ISAC is driven by collective intelligence provided by its member companies. It shares information about car cybersecurity incidents via online and offline. Based on the cases, the group analyzes the current system’s vulnerabilities, hackers’ attack patterns and risks and creates the guidelines to provide insight and support to help and improve defenses against potential cyber threats.

In fact, members are sharing various information about car hacking cases, such as controlling a transmission, door lock and unluck systems and clusters by remotely accessing a vehicle’s communication system.

The risk of such remote hacking attacks is increasing as the future of mobility is a major change with smart cars and connected cars.

Hyundai Mobis will make every effort to strengthen its cybersecurity system which can preemptively respond to cyber threats under the recognition that the most important value is the safety of drivers and passengers even when more and more vehicles are electrified and advanced.

Source: Business Korea

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