Didi opens R&D lab in Silicon Valley, hires Uber’s white-hat hacker

Didi-Chuxing-logoDidi Chuxing officially launched DiDi Labs in Mountain View, CA. DiDi Labs will primarily focus on AI-based security and intelligent driving technologies, and engineering talents to develop emerging technologies for the global transportation industry.

DiDi Labs will be led by Dr. Fengmin GONG, Vice President of DiDi Research Institute. Dozens of leading data scientists and researchers have joined the team, including Charlie Miller, the famous security researcher from the 2015 Jeep Cherokee hacking incident. Current projects span the areas of cloud-based security, deep learning, human-machine interaction, computer vision and imaging, as well as intelligent driving technologies.

Meanwhile, DiDi Labs will work in tandem with the broader DiDi research network to advance its global strategy, apply research findings to products and services, and help cities develop smart transportation infrastructure. DiDi expects to rapidly expand its US-based team of scientists and engineers over the course of the year.

Source: Didi

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