Tourmaline Labs incorporates contextual awareness with in-cab coaching


Tourmaline Labs launched TL COACH-a driver behavior coaching and training system designed to help companies understand, manage and improve the driving capabilities of their staff.

The TL COACH value-proposition is predicated on TL BEHAVIOR, the company’s flagship driver scoring system, enabling Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), Auto OEMs and insurance companies with the tools, methodologies and knowhow to create best-in-class fleet, UBI/PAYD and other connected-car applications.

TL BEVAVIOR is a context-aware scoring system that integrates closely with TL COACH to provide deep insight into how and why people drive the way they do. Incorporating powerful contextual behavior analytics, a purposeful scoring system and positively-reinforced driver coaching enables organizations to pro-actively understand, manage and mitigate risk.

Factoring in the driving environment (i.e. vehicle class, localized driving habits, weather conditions, traffic levels, city vs. highway driving, etc.) into the equation, has the effect of “leveling-the-playing-field” and enabling fleet operators with a behavior scoring methodology that is meaningful, relatable and relevant.  This helps fleet managers to quickly identify and correct poor driving, incentivize good driving and uncover hidden behavior trends.

TL COACH works with native or third-party telematics data sources, via any smartphone or built-in vehicle electronic logging device (ELD), to provide fleet managers and their drivers an interactive incentive-based coaching experience.

From a UX perspective, the TL COACH interface offers a visually-rich Cloud-based dashboard that clearly displays activity, scores, stats and report-cards for each driver, team or fleet. The streamlined UX helps managers save time, and quickly focus-in on potential problems while drivers are presented with a simplified smartphone scoring and notification app that is engaging, informative and fun to use.

TL COACH enables companies in the connected car space, a compelling telematics platform of driving behavior, coaching and training solutions that boost the safety, productivity and value of their staff.

Source: Tourmaline Labs

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