Mazda promises Android Auto & CarPlay support with no specified timeline


According to a story by, Mazda is readying its lineup of vehicles to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The announcement came at the launch of redesigned 2017 CX-5. Mazda did not elaborate on the models on which the Carplay and Android Auto functionality would be made available. Also, it did not specify a particular timeline for adoption and any information about the specs, availability by model or pricing model.

However, according to a Mazda spokesperson, Jacob Brown, who commented on the announcement said that “the feature should be retroactively upgradable to all Mazda Connect systems with a potentially minimal hardware addition needed.”

CarPlay website lists Mazda as a partner ever since it was launched back in 2014, but the carmaker is yet to launch a CarPlay-compatible model. Android Auto lists Mazda as one of its ‘planned’ partners.

Source:, Android, Apple

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