NIO chooses SpecialGuest to design its in-car UI/UX


NIO tapped SpecialGuest as a key creative partner to support the design of its in-car digital experience for the U.S. market. SpecialGuest collaborated with NIO to help design and prototype NIO’s user interface, user experience and soundscape. Unveiled during this year’s South by Southwest festival (SXSW), the collaboration is a part of a larger effort for NIO to produce vehicles for U.S. consumers in 2020.

SpecialGuest helped NIO manifest the in-car user experience, resulting in an immersive, simulated driving experience within an interactive car pod, which in turn is featured alongside a living room style gallery installation with the UI displayed as visual art on the walls. Together, the installation illustrates a fluidity (or commute) between home, vehicle, work, and play.

Inside the car pod, SXSW attendees interact with a novel car user interface and video driving experience, starting in manual drive before proceeding to autonomous drive. When in autonomous drive, attendees have the option to toggle between several different experiences, including Map Mode, Calls Mode, Timeline Mode, Music Mode, Movies Mode and Zen Mode.

Source: NIO

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