RBmedia acquires Audiobooks.com to expand its digital outreach


RBmedia announced its acquisition of Audiobooks.com, an innovator in the on-demand audiobooks sector.

With Audiobooks.com, RBmedia not only produces spoken audio content, it also offers a technology platform that distributes more than 700,000 digital media titles. RBmedia has good consumer reach through Audiobooks.com, 10,000+ library partnerships, and consumer digital re-sellers.

An app-based subscription service, Audiobooks.com provides access to more than 100,000 bestsellers and classics. Subscribers can listen on any Internet-enabled device via a free app for Apple® and Android™. Audiobooks.com is also available via Sonos®, tvOS, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and in-car infotainment systems in select GM, Jaguar, and Land Rover vehicles.

Audiobooks.com combines the convenience of streaming and downloadable listening with proprietary Cloud Bookmarking technology, allowing users to synchronize bookmarks across all devices.

Source: RBmedia

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