TravelTab selects HERE Mobile SDK to make travel easier for tourists in North America


TravelTab selected HERE as the mapping and navigation provider for its new travel companion devices available to car rental customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

TravelTab has utilized the HERE Mobile SDK in the development of the devices’ navigational capabilities, giving users the benefit of industry-grade mapping and turn-by-turn navigation that works both online and offline.

TravelTab offers two products that sit between a phone and a tablet in size. The TravelTab Adventurer offers convenient travel applications, unlimited data with the ability to work as a mobile Wi-Fi hot-spot for up to five devices, international calls and texts, and offers discounts on tours and attractions which can be purchased using the device itself. Meanwhile, the TravelTab Navigator+ is geared mainly towards domestic travellers, who typically may not need a phone or data, but are still interested in navigation or local discounts at restaurants, shopping, tours or activities.

Founded in 2012, TravelTab has sought to address a challenge car rental agencies were facing, with companies previously offering portable GPS devices to help international travellers in new locations, but finding that travelers were also asking other questions.

At present TravelTab is available in three countries: USA (including Puerto Rico and Hawaii), Canada and Mexico.

Source: HERE

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