FleetCarma and Con Edison to incentivise EV owners with SmartCharge Rewards

FleetCarma-FleetCarma and Con Edison Charge Ahead with SmartChar

FleetCarma and Con Edison have begun a program to reward off-peak charging of plug-in electric vehicles.

Through the program, Con Edison will gain insights on how the increasing number of EVs will impact its electric-delivery system. Con Edison will use that information to guide investments in its system and maintain its industry-leading reliability. The program is beginning its recruitment phase and more information can be found at here.

The program, called SmartCharge New York, seeks plug-in electric vehicle owners who regularly charge their vehicles in New York City and Westchester County, NY by offering them incentives for participation, including a free FleetCarma device that provides EV drivers with feedback on how they compare to other EV owners and how to earn rewards for charging during more preferable times for the electricity grid.

Program participants will be able to earn SmartCharge RewardsTM through the FleetCarma online application which converts kilowatt-hours (kWh) of off-peak charging into Rewards Points redeemable for online gift cards each month.  Within the online portal EV owners will be able to access data about their vehicle that they typically would not be able to get from their in-vehicle dashboard, such as the heath of their vehicle’s battery and downloadable trip logs data that they could use to further understand the performance of their car.

In addition, the portal will provide comparative feedback on various driving and charging behaviors to show participants how they rank on these metrics with other participating EV owners.

Source: FleetCarma

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