Nexteer Automotive introduces cybersecurity solution for steering systems


Nexteer Automotive is strengthening its steering system offerings with cyber security technologies to protect against malicious intrusions and unverified steering commands.

These cyber security technologies consist of specifically designed hardware modules on the semi-conductor level, as well as a multi-layered crypto-graphic software structure, that identifies and authorizes information and command flow between the steering system and other in-vehicle or external controllers. As vehicles adopt advanced electronics to enable internet connectivity and V2X communication, they become more susceptible to remote hacking.

Nexteer leverages its in-house ownership of the design process and its long history of vehicle-level thinking to bring to market safety-critical products. Nexteer has also cultivated an open engineering mindset for state-of-the-art and unconventional solutions to remain a leader in intuitive motion control.

The technologies are built using electrical architecture 4.0 to efficiently and accurately validate true steering commands and support multi-vehicle applications.

Source: Nexteer Automotive

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