Shanghai: Ericsson powers cloud connectivity in Lync & Co 01 model

Lync & Co is using Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud service which it has demonstrated as the world’s first built-in share function.

Research suggests that most cars sit unused more than 90 percent of the time. Ericsson’s digital key and Lync & Co’s car sharing platform provides access to a Lync & Co car through a smartphone enabling a car’s owner to remotely grant access to their car. Via the Lync & Co app, car owners can control, monitor and share their vehicle from their smartphone – or directly from the car.

The Lync & Co brand was launched in October 2016 by Chinese car manufacturer Geely, which also owns the Volvo brand. The Lync & Co 01 is the first car born completely in the digital age.

Recently, Lync & Co made a bold promise to provide free Internet connectivity standard in its upcoming models.

Source: Ericsson

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