Coyote extends partnerships with HERE


Coyote and HERE are extending and deepening their long-running partnership. Already a provider of navigation data for the Coyote freemium app, HERE is now also providing its HERE Mobile SDK powering the new navigation engine for the full range of Coyote products, including mobile apps and connected devices.

Coyote products integrating the HERE navigation engine and data will be rolled out gradually, starting with the launch of the new version of the Coyote app in Europe in the first half of 2017.

HERE is also acquiring access to anonymized floating car data (FCD) from Coyote. By integrating this new source of data generated and transmitted by Coyote devices, HERE will further enrich the traffic information it provides to customers, including multiple automakers, across the European road network.

Coyote will now be offering road map data, route guidance and navigation functions, with or without an Internet connection. The map is downloaded on a smartphone or Coyote device, making it accessible irrespective of network conditions. The solution also integrates regular online updates of maps and real-time traffic conditions in 63 countries, together with voice guidance provided in 50 languages.

Coyote will also use a HERE cloud API to benefit from highly detailed and up-to-date information on the configuration of the road network. This includes in particular slopes, curves, road classifications and speed limits, together with a full range of road signs.                                                 

To further optimize its traffic information products, HERE is now able to use anonymized floating car data from Coyote, generated by Coyote products.

Coyote devices and applications in use on the road network constantly transmit the GPS coordinates, the direction, the speed and the corresponding time-stamp, thus providing precise real-time information about traffic conditions. This source of data will enable HERE to enhance the quality of its traffic information, for the benefit of drivers including all members of the Coyote community.

Source: HERE

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