INRIX to provide Iowa DOT real-time traffic and road safety information


Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is now utilizing INRIX traffic services to monitor, measure and manage the state’s road network. As part of this agreement, the Iowa DOT is now the first transportation agency to employ INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, a newly launched service that warns drivers and DOTs of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic on the roadway.

For three years, INRIX has been supplying real-time and historical traffic data to the Iowa DOT in support of its traffic management and operations. New to the 2017 agreement, Iowa will utilize a number of recently added INRIX tools and features to support statewide traffic and incident management:

  • INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns is a newly launched service in INRIX XD Traffic that helps prevent back-of-queue collisions where rapidly forming congestion creates a situation that requires advanced driver awareness. Based on real-time data from vehicles on the road, the location-based notifications warn drivers and transportation agencies of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic on the roadway.
  • INRIX Performance Measures is an on-demand, cloud-based analytics suite that leverages INRIX traffic data across the U.S. to help transportation planners understand what is happening on the roads, benchmark and improve roadway performance and maximize the investment of public funds. Performance Measures enables transportation agencies to analyze, visualize and understand road performance without the need for additional technology investments.
  • INRIX Trips provides insight into the trips people take, including where they begin and end their journeys, and the waypoints in between. Trips is derived from industry-leading geospatial data processing, which enables a new understanding of population movement such as origin and destination zones, diversion routes during peak time and incidents, corridor usage, and more.
  • INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow leverages anonymous, real-time GPS data from millions of connected vehicles and devices to deliver the broadest and most accurate traffic information on freeways, highways, interstates and major arterial roads. INRIX enables transportation agencies to monitor live traffic data including roadway name, time, current speed, typical speed and travel time.

Source: INRIX

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