T-Mobile provides FREE connected car solutions via SyncUP DRIVE

T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE customers can now track and manage up to 24 vehicles with a device installed from the SyncUP DRIVE app at no extra cost.

With SyncUP DRIVE, one can track the location of a fleet of vehicles on a single map, and you can even customize vehicles with unique icons and colors to differentiate them. Customers can also setup multiple pre-defined boundaries and get alerts in the app or via text message when one or all of your vehicles cross those boundaries.

For parents, the updates to SyncUP DRIVE mean peace of mind. Mom and dad can now easily track the location of their family vehicles and stay on top of maintenance issues. They can even get alerts when the kids come and go with digital geofences.

Current SyncUP DRIVE customers don’t have to do a thing to get these new features. They can simply access their updated SyncUP DRIVE app to try out the new benefits.

Source: T-Mobile

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