SEAT announces connected car partnerships with SABA and Waze


SEAT and Saba have signed an agreement in the framework of Automobile Barcelona to provide new services to the vehicle mobility ecosystem currently underway by SEAT

SEAT will add Saba to its ecosystem so that between the two they can create new services that facilitate drivers’ mobility, with new parking related functions. Among others, the partners are studying the way to offer a mobile reservation and payment system for parking spaces, which will enable Saba clients to make electronic payments for services and which will be included in the digital solutions that SEAT is currently working on.

In addition, the collaboration lays the foundation for projects like Parkfinder 2.0, which will enable both companies to offer drivers real-time information on which parking spaces are available and recommend a car park according the real needs of each client, among others. They will also explore other services associated with the time vehicles spend stationary, such as shopping delivery or refuelling. On average, it is estimated that privately owned cars spend 95% of the time parked.

SEAT and Saba also want to install recharging points in the network of car parks in Barcelona for the fleet of electric Miis that workers at the SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona and Pier01 will be driving. This carsharing project will see a fleet of 10 eMiis on the streets of Barcelona that SEAT will use to test the possibilities of electric drive technology in shared vehicles.

Waze integration

SEAT announced the signing of another agreement, this time with Waze, Google’s GPS navigation app, to include the new Waze app for Android Auto in the entire range equipped with Full Link. This app optimizes user experience via a navigation system that helps avoid traffic jams thanks to the real-time information provided by the user community.

In addition, SEAT presented its SEAT Drive App for Android AutoTM. With it, users of devices which operate with this system can safely access information from their mobile at the screen of their car. The app, which will soon be available in Google Play StoreTM, will synchronise with the screen in the car and is a further step taken by the company towards the connected car.

Source: SEAT

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