Verizon initiates ‘Get Where You’re Going’ campaign for HUM

Verizon, in partnership with Rokkan, launched the ‘Get Where You’re Going’ campaign with two digital spots that highlight Hum by Verizon, an aftermarket connected car device that gives drivers insights about their vehicle and their driving experience. The campaign features lifestyle-focused storytelling that employs nostalgia, emotion and humor to connect with customers.

The campaign supports the recent launch of HumX, an aftermarket connected vehicle technology that includes an OBD-II connector that plugs into nearly any vehicle, a stainless-steel Bluetooth® speaker that clips to a car’s visor, and an app that all work together to help create a smarter, safer and more connected driving experience. Hum connects people to their vehicles and delivers peace of mind by providing real-time auto health and diagnostics, driving history, boundary and speed alerts, and vehicle location.

The campaign launches with the release of two digital spots which convey Hum’s roadside assistance and vehicle location capabilities. Four more digital spots will follow, each focusing on a car problem Hum helps solve, from needing to fix a flat tire, to diagnosing the smoke coming from under the hood, to getting pinpoint emergency assistance that brings help to you in the event of a crash.

‘Get Where You’re Going’ is the first major campaign for Hum by Verizon from Rokkan. In addition to the campaign, Rokkan was also responsible for the relaunch of in 2016 and the Hum app earlier this year.

Source: Verizon

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