Omoove launches Sharemine smart mobility platform for micro, small and medium-sized operators


Octo Telematics subsidiary Omoove has presented Sharemine, a Shared Mobility platform that allows operators to develop custom-tailored car-sharing and ride-sharingcommunities for private citizens and fleet owners.

Sharemine is a web-based platform, which provides individuals and companies – especially small and medium-sized fleet vehicle fleet companies – with the ability to create and monitor car-sharing and ridesharing communities.

Sharemine web dashboard is fully configurable. The platform allows tracking of all parameters related to active users and vehicles, including drivers, riders, bookings and travel in progress. Naturally, the web platform also tracks rental or ride revenue, as defined by the community manager. Moreover, the inclusion of Octo telematics insurance packages encourages safer driving and ensure that drivers benefit from good driving behaviour.

Sharemine is an affordable alternative for SMEs that may not be able to afford proprietary technology platform to manage their fleets. Sharemine is currently being populated and will be opened to the public in August.

Author: David Kirrane, SBD

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