Avis announces Google Home integration support

Avis Car Rental announced that it is leveraging AI to enhance customers’ journeys by being the first rental car company to launch a Google Assistant action for Google Home, available next month. AI is disrupting industry after industry and the travel sector is no exception. Named one of Skift Magazine’s “megatrends” for 2017, AI technology is beginning to find its way into leading travel products and services.

Designed to help save time through more immediate access to the booking and reservation process, Avis’ new Google Assistant action for the Google Home device will provide travelers with instant, voice-controlled access to the car rental booking process. Through a secure integration with Avis, travelers can use Google Home to make or modify current reservations and review past trips.

The Google Assistant action is available to travelers enrolled in Avis Preferred, the Company’s free express rental/loyalty program. The AI technology uses preferences stored in a customer’s Avis Preferred profile to automatically take into account a user’s car preference and additional options such as SiriusXM radio, GPS devices and coverages to ensure an enjoyable, customized rental.

Source: Avis

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