The All-New Clio unveiled in early March this year at the Geneva International Motor Show is equipped with an updated version of the Renault EASY CONNECT package. The package features a range of applications, platforms and connected services designed for seamless connected driving to make time on the road more relaxed and enjoyable and for practical remote vehicle management. The technologies include Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and the Renault MY application. These features are compatible with the connected navigation system in the All-New Clio.

The All-New Clio is equipped with the largest screens (10 and 9.3 inches) in its vehicle category. The screens display the smart 4G-connected 3D navigation system. The system includes Google (address searches), TomTom (traffic information) and Coyote (danger zone alerts) with automatic updates. The interface also includes automatic emergency calls in the event of an accident.

The new Renault EASY LINK multimedia platform is ergonomic, intuitive and modern. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and comes with a layout similar to a smartphone. The All-New Clio passengers can personalize each screen with widgets.

The All-New Clio provides with an induction phone charging system in the lower part of the center console. Just place your smartphone on the pad in front of the gearshift lever and it will automatically charge.

The MY Renault application means your vehicle is always at your fingertips. Use the app to manage or prepare for trips. You can even remotely control certain functions using the app. MY Renault helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and contact your dealer.