ŠKODA introduces innovative, intelligent and inspiring technology by launching its new iV subbrand. ŠKODA iV covers both the development of electrified products as well as a special ecosystem for mobility solutions. As part of the company’s 2025 Strategy, ŠKODA AUTO will be investing a total of two billion euros in the development of electric vehicles and new mobility services over the next five years. This is the company’s largest investment program to date.

In addition to the creation of an electrified model range, by establishing the new iV sub-brand, the manufacturer is also pressing ahead with the development of a holistic and connected E-Mobility ecosystem. Amongst other things, this includes affordable wall boxes with different power outputs, which will allow customers to conveniently recharge their vehicles at home, and mobile online services offered via ŠKODA Connect that allow customers to benefit from services such as an intelligent charging station finder. In the future, this service will offer the option of reserving the customer’s chosen charging station in advance. Another highlight is the ŠKODA e-charge card. This single-card system allows customers to easily pay to charge their vehicle all over Europe – regardless of the country they are in or the provider they are using. Drivers of an electrified ŠKODA can therefore enjoy maximum flexibility at any time, anywhere.

Innovative, intelligent and inspiring 

The ‘i’ in the name of the new subbrand symbolizes the characteristics that make all ŠKODA iV models stand out: They are ‘innovative’ and ‘intelligent’. With the launch of the iV subbrand, ŠKODA is entering the era of E Mobility by offering a combination of tailor-made mobility solutions that cater specifically to the needs of customers and a fully connected ecosystem. ŠKODA iVs are also ‘iconic’ and ‘inspiring’. The new E models captivate with their emotive design that is full of character.