HERE Technologies announced that it has joined the Uptane Alliance, further strengthening its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of automotive and IoT security.

The Uptane Alliance is a non-profit consortium of automotive companies, security researchers from academia, and government agencies working to standardize Uptane open-source software for the security of over-the-air software updates for vehicles and other edge devices and infrastructure.

HERE provides its Uptane-based OTA software management technology, HERE OTA Connect, to OEMs to enable the highly-secure remote exchange of software and data between cloud and cars. HERE OTA Connect is part of the HERE Open Location Platform and is designed to also support other organizations, such as those managing industrial machinery or smart home IoT, to thwart attacks by malicious actors.

HERE introduced HERE OTA Connect in 2018 following its acquisition of Advanced Telematic Systems (ATS), a Berlin-based software company specializing in connected car software. HERE OTA Connect is used by OEMs to update vehicles in the field and to maintain on-demand mobility cars. Uptane is integrated in all deployments of OTA Connect, whether on-premise or SaaS-based.