Luxoft Holding, a digital strategy and engineering firm, announced a partnership with Mapbox, a provider of a live location data platform for automotive, mobile and web applications. The two companies will jointly work on deploying and integrating Mapbox’s AI location data platform and AR navigation into infotainment and navigation systems.

With the evolving mobility ecosystem driven by personalization and on-demand Mobility as a Service (MaaS), automakers and their suppliers are looking for ways to replace existing and introduce personalizable multi-modal navigation systems.

Every month, more than half-a-billion monthly active users access the Mapbox map via applications built with Mapbox SDKs — generating more than 300 million miles of driving data each day. This results in Mapbox incorporating more than 100,000 anonymized location updates per second: data to continuously detect unexpected traffic and changes in the road network. Mapbox Traffic covers 161 countries, and updates at a 5-minute granularity for 2.3 billion road segments around the world.

The Mapbox Vision SDK delivers a 3D view of where the driver is, and works in tandem with the Mapbox Navigation SDK to project the route ahead in augmented reality. Users can shift the map’s perspective, mark important landmarks, or provide lane-level routing using Vision SDK’s AR projection mode.

Luxoft’s services focus on the digital cockpit and passenger experience, autonomous driving and next-generation vehicle platforms, and connected mobility, from cloud infrastructure to mobile user experiences.