Chargefox has partnered with Yurika to manage the 17 fast charging sites that make up the Queensland Electric Super Highway. Chargefox users can now find, charge and pay for charging sessions at any charger on the Queensland Electric Super Highway, which are capable of delivering up to 60km of range per 15 minutes.

Chargefox has over 170 public chargers operating, including 40 Fast DC chargers. By the end of 2019, the Chargefox network will have over 100 Fast DC chargers operating. Using the Queensland Electric Super Highway as part of the extensive fast charging capability on the Chargefox public network, EV drivers will be able to drive from Adelaide to Cairns without lengthy charging stops. 

Chargefox is an official partner of Jaguar Australia, having signed an agreement to provide five years’ free, unlimited charging on the Chargefox ultra-rapid charging network. The relationship makes Jaguar the first local manufacturer to formally support EV drivers. The new partnership helps ensure that Jaguar owners will have easy access to a rapidly developing major EV charging network.