Blu Smart announced Ridecell as the platform provider for the recently launched Blu Smart Mobility ride share service in India. The first all-electric rideshare service on the Indian sub-continent. Ridecell’s complete shared mobility platform will allow Blu Smart Mobility to quickly get the fleet operational while maximizing efficiencies.

Ridecell enabled the rapid roll-out of the Blu Smart ride share service by offering a complete shared mobility platform that includes a driver app; a cloud-based operational dashboard that controls vehicle assignment, ride pricing and other critical service parameters; and a rich API set that allowed Blu Smart to quickly offer a fully customized mobile application.

Ridecell rapidly implemented numerous local adaptions, including rider payment in local currency, inclusion of GST (goods and services tax), and payment via the PAYTM digital wallet application. Additional planned enhancements include vehicle assignment based on battery charge level and charging station proximity, automated calculation and invoicing of toll road fees, and car sharing services using the same Blu Smart ride sharing platform and user database.